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A look at the brand spirit and news

We are BFGoodrich

Key dates

Our History

From 1903 to today, more than a century of adventures!

The saga of an Eternal Pioneer

BFGoodrich & Competition

Since it was first founded, the BFGoodrich brand has showed its pioneering spirit and its determination to push the boundaries of performance ever further. This mindset has enabled it to make a large number of major breakthroughs in the tyre sector.

Work hard, play hard, drive hard

BFGoodrich Brand Values

BFGoodrich makes tires for those who wouldn't do it any other way!

The top-level motorsport performances brand events


BFGoodrich very quickly produced top-level motorsport performances, including being the first tyre manufacturer to win the legendary Indianapolis 500-mile race two years running, in 1914 and 1915.

Find all the racing events where BFGoodrich is still involve!

A quick look at what's happening on BFGoodrich world


Get all the latest news on BFGoodrich brand from our product launch to all the motorsports news.

BFGoodrich Racing team


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